Journalist, Paul Dada Releases Song For Deceased Friends

Paul Dada

A journalist and current affairs analyst, Paul Dada has released a song, titled “Beautiful Place” dedicated to the memories of two of his friends who were recently deceased.

Dada who calls himself a non-commercial gospel singer, has always maintained that he only sings to teach the doctrines of the Bible.

According to Dada who is the Deputy Editor of P.M. News, he felt a strong urge to record “Beautiful Place” following the exits of two friends who died within two weeks. He said the song was to comfort believers in Christ going through pains and assure them that there is hope beyond the grave.

He said: “It is natural to mourn when we lose our loved ones to the so-called cold hands of death. We sorely miss our interactions with them and their impact on us. Our sense of loss elicits rivulets of tears in us.

“But we of the genuine Christian faith are persuaded that there is hope for us beyond the grave. This hope makes us view death, and rightly so, as a mere transition from life to life. It is a means of promotion from life of vicissitudes to that of permanent and unending joy and bliss. In that context, death becomes our transport from the realm of mixed circumstances to that of assured glory.

“After losing two saints I had held so dear in my heart within two weeks, I had an irresistible urge to record this song, ‘Beautiful Place’ which I had written years before.

“‘Beautiful Place’ is dedicated to the memories of those two saints and other saints that have died recently. However, its use is for us saints who are still on this side of eternity. The song acknowledges that we face troubled times on earth, which tempt our courage and faith to disappear, but assures that God in His holy care has prepared a place for us where there will be no more pains and need for cross bearing. All that exists there is joy and gains.

“I trust God to help His children find comfort and inspiration through the song. I am also hopeful that some unbelievers who would listen to it would receive the light of the gospel and commit their hearts to the
God who so loved the world that He gave His only Son and ensures that whoever believes in Him does not perish but have everlasting life”.

Below is the link to download the audio of the song:

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