“Swahili, Hausa, Yoruba Are Most Spoken African Languages”

The three most spoken African languages are Swahili, Hausa and Yoruba. This is according to a data platform, Statisense.

According to the platform, there are 98million Swahili speakers, 63 million speakers of Hausa and 40 million people that speak Yoruba.

Zulu comes fourth with 28 million speakers. It is followed by Igbo which has 27 million speakers.

But among Nigerian languages, the Nigerian Pidgin is the third most spoken language with 30m speakers. It follows Hausa and Yoruba which are in the first and second positions respectively, and beats Igbo to the fourth position.

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The platform is yet anothet report says English is the most widely spoken language globally with 1.13 billion speakers. Mandarin the major form of Chinese spoken in China, has 1.12 billion speakers. Hindi the major language of India has 615. 5m speakers.


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