Spytrac Unveils Solution To Tackle Insecurity In Schools

Spytrac Telematics Services Limited, a technology based organisation, has launched Edu Secure, a solution targeted at solving challenges of insecurity in schools in Nigeria.

The Head of the company, Ijeoma Chukwu, while addressing the media, said, “insecurity and insurgency in Nigeria have taken a frightening dimension in which schools and colleges are worst hit. Hostage taking and kidnapping of both staff and students have been reported on several occasions in almost every state of the federation.This ugly phenomenon has great consequence on the educational development of the nation. Parents are always apprehensive whenever their children are in school due to insecurity. Concentration on teaching and learning is affected due to insecurity. Therefore, it is imperative to take a proactive action to curb the problem, hence the need for a preemptive lasting solution to insecurity across schools, Edu Secure”

Edu Secure project, according to the company, guarantees security for every child in schools; on the playground, during excursions, camping, shopping and gaming.

It was done in partnership with one of the foremost educational outfits in Nigeria which has a track record of executing a successful educational projects across schools in Nigeria, Nerata Media Solutions.

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Nerata is charged to engage schools across the country for schools to sign up and embrace this great initiative through their official website https://www.edusecure.ng

The CEO of Nerata Media solutions, Mr Michael Adedeji, on his own part, said, “The goals of education especially at the secondary schools as contained in the national policy on education (NPE) are being threatened due to insecurity in Nigeria”.

He said his company partnered Spytrac to profer solutions to insecurity in secondary schools in Nigeria.

Based on a survey carried out by Nerata in Lagos state, it was revealed that 35.5 percent of Lagosians strongly agree that, insecurity creates fear, and national development is affected by the impacts of security challenges on nigerian student’s learning.

He said this was what informed the introduction of the Edu Secure school project and partnership with Nerata media solutions.

According to Michael, strategic planning to deploy the project in over 8000 schools that comprised public, private and international schools as well as other educational institutions are in place. And this would commence in the third term of the academic calendar, this year.

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