Anambra Election: Our Party Calls On Warring Groups To Cease Fire

A political Party awaiting its registration by the Independent National Electoral Commission anytime soon, Our Party, OP, has called on all concerned to unite to ensure peaceful conduct and outcome of this weekend’s governorship election in Anambra state.

Anambra state has been in the news for the wrong reasons in recent times due to the increasing violence, arson and bloodshed occuring in the state for sometime now and escalating as the state’s governorship election gets closer. In response, the Federal Government has mobilised multilayer security apparatuses comprising the Army, the Police, Department of State Services, NSDC, in their numbers to the state in order to forestall a total breakdown of law and order that might compromise the election in its entirety and create  constitutional crises for the state.

In a statement by Our Party signed by its Protem National Chairman, Comrade Mark Adebayo, on Thursday, the association said, “The disturbing trend of violence in the Southeast especially in Anambra state needs to be immediately de-escalated if our democracy must be protected and Anambrans’ right to choose who governs them be secured. We cannot have a situation where violence mars our electoral processes and the people denied the chance to freely choose their leaders. Violence against the electorates in Anambra state can never be in their interest. Seeing the political rallies, the campaigns and the general enthusiasm of the people of Anambra despite the fearful atmosphere, it all show that the people are willing to participate in the electoral process and denying them this opportunity is not only unjust but also condemnable”.

“We call on all stakeholders in this election to give peace a chance and work collaboratively to ensure that violence is not allowed to cripple the fabrics of democracy in Anambra state and Nigeria as a whole. We admonish disaffected groups to shield their swords and choose peaceful alternatives to ventilate their grievances rather than cause avoidable suffering and chaos for their own people”.

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“It is this regard that we also appeal to the Federal Government and the security agencies to moderate their responses in tackling the security challenges in the state in order to ensure that innocent civilians do not suffer unnecessary collateral damage. The security agencies must conduct themselves professionally and eschew violating the people’s human and constitutional rights. Anambrans must be vigilant in the exercise of their voting rights and ensure that their votes count. Above all, all hands must be on deck to ensure that the election is seen to be free, fair and credible”.

“We urge the Independent National Electoral Commission to be on top of its game as it did in the Edo and Ondo states’ governorship elections where it gave a good account of itself commendably. The security agencies should adequately protect INEC permanent and adhoc staffers to carry out their assignments without intimidation or harassments from any quarters. We wish Anambrans a successful and peaceful election come Saturday November 6, 2021.”


“OP is committed to fixing Nigeria and resolving the concerns of all aggrieved groups accross the country through fairness and justice to all. We shall reunite Nigerians, develop the country and ensure equity for all and sundry. Our primary assignment is to develop Nigeria to rival the best developed countries in the world in an atmosphere of trust, justice, equity and prosperity for all Nigerians without discrimination whatsoever. Under an OP government, Nigeria shall become the next Dubai with incredible employment opportunities for our teeming youths. Insecurity and hunger shall become history. We shall get the best Nigerianprofessionals from all over the world and locally to fix Nigeria into a permanent trajectory of uncommon developmental strides”, the statement concluded.




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