Good News! Here Is A Big Opportunity For Nigerians To Work In UAE

Mrs. Victoria Onu is the Managing Director of Jevon Global Consult Ltd.  In this chat with TheseTimes, she reveals her company’s programme offering an opportunity for Nigerians to work in UAE.

 What exactly does your company, Jevon do?

Jevon Global Consult Ltd is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria ( CAC).Our services include educational consultation, travel consultations and general consultancy. Under our educational consultancy, we offer management  and aviation courses in our study centres through affiliations with other institutes within and outside Nigeria. Under our travel consultancy, we offer  visa processing services that is, study, work and relocation packages to different countries of the world e.g Usa, Canada, Uk, Europe, Australia and Asia). We render tourism services; educational tourism, social tourism, etc,  within and outside the shores of Nigeria. And render assistance   on immigration matters. On general contracts, we connect people to a world of opportunities. We delight in finding solutions to people’s challenges.

 Tell us more about the aviation training programme taking place in the UAE. What is it all about?

Opportunities untapped abound in the aviation industry. UAE is a tourist Country as we all know. Therefore any career in aviation will thrive. This is the number one  reason studying in UAE should be considered. There are job opportunities in this sector but it normal for people who studied in UAE to be given preferences for job placement. This is a reason we are organising a three-month training in for some courses ,  so our students can benefit from this opportunity. The three-month training includes comes with visa, flight tickets, accommodation, tuition, internship at the airport, certificate and job links after training.

Is it a one-off thing  something you do from time to time?

It’s something we do batch by batch.

When is the next batch? And how much will it cost to participate?

Registration is ongoing for January batch. And the total cost is 1.6m naira only. All benefits earlier mentioned inclusive

What are the qualifications that someone must have to participate?

It is open to anyone from an  SSCE holder to one who has a  degree.

Why exactly do you think Nigerian youth should seize the opportunity to be part of the course?

I think Nigerian youth should seize the opportunity of foreign studies to be better equipped to contribute positively and immensely to the Nigerian Economy. It would also help them to better their lots in life.

What is the mode of registration and payment?

The registration is done through our website and payment made to our company account. All necessary processing starts immediately payment is confirmed.  The registration link is


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