Murder: Ataga’s Family Threatens To Sue Media Outlets

The family of late Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga has threatened to sue media outlets which it accuses of pulishing falsehood on the circumstances surrounding his murder.

In a statement, the family in a statement, said the death was a shock to them so the media should allow them grieve privately.

The statement partly read: “The more false information is disseminated in the press and on social media, the harder it is for the Nigerian Police to do their work and fully solve this case.

“The harder it is for a grieving family to recover from the loss of their beloved son.

“His children will grow up to read unkind, thoughtless words from thousands of people who have joined the lynching party in the press and the blogosphere.

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“Our aging parents must now struggle to pick up the pieces amid a cacophony of misinformation propagated by strangers.

“A suspect has been arrested and paraded before the press. We, the Ataga family, are grateful to the Nigerian Police for pursuing this investigation. However, like you, we have many unanswered questions. Some things don’t add up.”


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