I Am Pregnant With Twins For My 65-Year Old Father And I Love It –Lady

A lady who dentified herself as Anessa Yang has confessed having an incestuous relationship with her 65-year- father.

Yang who said she was pregnant with twins as a consequence of having sex with her father had no regrets as she loved her father.

“Yes. My dad who is turning 65 this month got me pregnant with twin at the moment. As the youngest of the four girls, my dad and I are very close. I love him with my all heart and have always want to give him a memory that he will remeber me for life. I’ve been having sex with him and now I’m pregnant. I’m hoping he gets to see his sons and grandsons grow up.”

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Incest is a social taboo in many societies and outright illegal in many countries around the world.

It is, however, legal in countries like Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Japan, Luxembourg, Ivory Coast, among others.

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