Why I Am Hosting Panam Percy Paul –Dada

Journalist, Paul Dada has explained why he decided to host veteran gospel singer and songwriter, Dr. Panam Percy Paul in a Zoom interactive session.

The chat captioned “75 Minutes with Panam Percy Paul” holds at 6 pm on Saturday.

Dada who is also a Bible teacher and a gospel musician said he strongly believed that Dr. Panam remained a role model for serious gospel music makers.

” I  first came across Dr. Dr. Panam’s music in the early 90s. I have since then followed him up it now. There is something unique about him. He sings the true gospel and teaches  scriptural and deep spiritual truths in his songs.

“Sadly, there is no much gospel in most of the so-called gospel songs in Nigeria today. So-called gospel singers only seem to be mostly around to thrill their audiences with scintillating rhythms, emotion-evoking lyrics and mellifluous vocals. Beyond praising God and singing about mundane things, you hardly hear doctrinal truths in their songs.

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“But Dr. Panam is unique. He has great rhythms, chords and a beautiful voice too but you can’t miss the spiritual lessons in his songs. He teaches through them.

“I, therefore, believe we need to listen to such a person share his experiences and mindset in gospel music, ” Dada said.

Dada, a teaching elder in a Lagos-based Lagos-based nondenominatial church, urged people to use the link below to join the meeting.


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