I Am Not Missing –22-Year-Old UniCross Student

A 22-year-old 300 Level student of the University of Cross River, Priscilla Ojong has denied being missing for three week as reported earlier.

Ojong who was reported  to have travelled from Calabar to Lagos on invitation by a male friend, had in an Instagram video said she was in Calabar and not in Lagos.  She said she was inactive online because her phone had gone bad.

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“Okay. I am Priscilla Ojong. Okay, there is a rumour going on  all around that I am missing. Actually, I am not missing. My phone was actually bad. And secondly, I am not in Lagos. I am in Calabar, My phone was actually bad. You know the way IPhone behaves, it would just go off on its own. I had to swap. I had to wait for a while before doing the swapping because I had no money with me. You know if you want to swap, you have to add extra money.  That’s why I have not been active for a while now. So, please, I am alive , strong. I am very healthy. So, stop spreading the rumour that I am missing. Thank you everybody for your love, your  care.”




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