I Swear By My Father’s Grave, Nigeria Will Collapse In Six Months –Clarke

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Robert Clarke, says he is  swearing by his father’s that Nigeria will collapse in six months’ time if care is not taken.

Vanguard News Nigeria reports that Clarke said this on Channels TV as a reaction to questions on Channels TV to threat by  the Department  of State Services, not to tolerate those  trying to tear Nigeria apart.


In a statement the DSS had through its spokesman, Peter Afunnaya, said : “Service reaffirms its unambiguous support to an indivisible, indissoluble and united Nigerian State in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, it will no longer tolerate deliberate machinations by subversive and hostile groups whose agenda is to throw the country into anarchy so as to serve the interests of their sponsors.”

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But in his reaction, Clarke stated: “Those that should know better are doing nothing but just talking. The small boys that looted under Sani Abacha set up political parties to help him retain power are part of the problems. “Nigeria was better in 1982 under Shehu Shagari than it is now in 2021.”

“Nigeria will collapse in six months’ time if care is not taken, I swear by my father’s grave,” he said.

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