Pantami: Twitter Users  Mock Man Who Claims  CAN Recruited Him As  Militant

A man who identifies  himself as Dr Ben Gbenro has been mocked by  Twitter users for claiming that the Christian Association recruited and trained people to be militants.

Gbenro who claims to be “Proudly APC member” was apparently reacting to the calls for the resignation of the Minister for Communications and  Digital Economy, Dr Isa Pantami who says he has repented of his sympathy for terrorist groups.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Gbenro wrote:

“ I was once an impressionable young man. I was a member of CAN brigade trained in martial arts and weapon handling to fight for d Church in late 80s & early 90s, I was a strong advocate of Nigeria’s break up in mid 90s, today, I no longer subscribe to any of these ideologies.

“Any young man that actively participate in church activities in the late 80s & early 90s in Kaduna State will be aware of CAN brigade. It’s not everyone that’s interested in clout

“How many of you know how many young people died untimely because they were asked to pick up arms in defense of the church? Do you know they were made to carry out some rituals which is pure idolatry before going to fight?

“How many are you are aware that CAN as we have it today is an offshoot of Kafanchan crisis of 1987? How many of you are aware that most of the crisis you call religious are just quest for political domination?

“Today, I know better about Christ & those things don’t appeal to me any longer. You can call it lies because of your ignorance. However, before you go to fight either online or offline, ask whose battle you are fighting.

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“CAN’s foundation was never about Christ but about political dominance. That’s why the association keep doing things that doesn’t represent Christ.

“How many of you are aware of evangelists whose messages radicalized the people of Southern Kaduna, Plateau States & other part of the North dominated by the minorities in the late 80s & early 90s. I won’t mention names

“I have a better understanding of Christianity today & also as a trained Minister, I know that Christianity has nothing to do with your battles”

But many who did not believe him, responded with  sarcasm, Here are some below:

This is very true. I was the Brigade Commander in d Northern axis covering Kawo, Mando and Zaria b4 I was sent to Israel to fight d Nazis, that’s after my daring operation in North America converting d Brazilians to Christianity. This man is not only talking from his backside…  –@Aneke Tony


This guy isn’t lying sha.  I was part of the CAN Brigade in 1996. After my training, I was deployed to Jerusalem to guard the Holy Wall before I was sent to Hogwarts station in Mars to identify and eliminate magicians and evil spirits. Who else was a member of CAN brigade?  –@TheBriDen


After our mission on Mars I lost contact of everyone,glad I can finally see one of my colleagues here. Bros it been a long time oooooooooh… u dey now? –@Josh_Savage 03


Wow! I found my brother. It’s after this war in kaduna that I was deployed to Jupiter to fight aliens. About a thousand of us were on that mission, but I was soon moved to East Venus, then Mogadishu on other Christ brigade assignment.The quest for dominance! We fought hard! –@AbbyFamous


There is no lie whatsoever in what Pst Dr Gbenro has said.I spent 8 yrs in southern kaduna in  the 80s. Was trained as a sniper by CAN before moving to the US. Was contracted by Trump in 2020 to take out Soleimani. Dr Gbenro should be flushed in one of Desmond Elliot’s toilets  –@,Adolfbaba


Proud member here. 1999 special ops. Was conscripted during the militant raid of Borikiri waterside in Port Harcourt, trained as a sleeper agent, weapons, tacticals, firearms, and transfered to Umuahia to infiltrate the Anglican Church. The 2001 Ubakala bombings? That was me.– @JoeyAkan


This was our uniform when I was stationed at Ibadan outpost. As a junior soldier I was issued a short sword while more senior soldiers had longer swords and spears. All we had to eat was an unending supply of 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes. Christus Victor. — @Oleke_

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