Oyedepo Speaks On Hijab Crisis

The leader of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo, has warned that those who are imposing hijab on Kwara schools founded by missionaries risk the wrath of God.

Oyedepo said those who want to wear hijab should go to schools where it is permitted.

”It is such a nasty development in Kwara State where Muslims are asking their students in our schools to wear Hijab, and the church said “no”

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”You know the reason why? We have never shown the world the other side of God. God is not a toy, let us show them the consuming fire part of God. They need to know.

”Leave the schools for the owner, go to your schools. Is there any fight? Stop putting fingers in the eyes of others, the world should be warned against the church. The church is a time bomb.

”When God turns his back on anyone or any system, that system is cursed. My advice is leave the schools for the owners, find your schools. Men and women can wear hijab there. Stop putting your fingers in the eyes of others when they are not blind,” he said.


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