Agitation For Yoruba Nation Soars

Since eminent historian, Professor Banji Akintoye, and freedom fighter, Sunday Igboho openly declared the sovereignty of Yorubaland, there has been no let-up in the agitation for secession of that part of Nigeria from the country.

On Sunday, Igboho stormed Agege area of Lagos calling for the campaigning for the secession of the Yoruba part of Nigeria.

He said: “According to the amalgamation of 1914, after 100 years, we can all go our separate ways, that 100 years has been completed since 2014, why are we still together? Check the N100 note, it is stated there that the amalgamation ends in 2014, it has been over 7 years we have been suffering now, no jobs, the government of this country do not favour us, they only favour themselves. Let us leave this country, forget about the N2, 000; N3, 000 or N10, 000 they give to you.

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“We don’t have the money or rice to distribute to you but we are fighting for a better future for you. Except you are a politician, this country does not favour you. Let us join hands together to support the independence of the Yoruba nation.

“We have lots of mineral resources that we will utilise and live well. The Nigerian government has no reason whatsoever to say we should not leave but they are enjoying this Master-Slave relationship. Nigeria has refused to let us go simply because of the benefits derived from us, we have gold, oil, cement and every other thing.

“Yorubas are not being favoured, Yoruba nation now. They cannot kill us and kill our grave. The Yorubas are not enjoying this country, Igbos too, even the Hausas are crying, only Fulanis are enjoying everything.”

A proposed currency for the dreamed Yoruba Nation has surfaced online. It is called Fadaka.

Not a few Nigerians
have taken to the micro-blogging site, Twitter to lend their voices to the call for a separate Yoruba Nation.

Reacting @Integrity56 says
“Buhari’s nepotism gave birth to all the clamoring for succession we are witnessing today.
A divisive figure like him can not lead a county like Nigeria.”

Another person @Yorubasamurai said, “Who am I to warùnki when my people have declared #YorubaNation.”

Commenting via the Twitter handle, @omambalachuks, a Nigerian said, “It is too late for restructuring. Nigeria is gone and gone for good. With #OduduwaNation, #YorubaNation I stand!!!”

@Adetunjiomotol4, tweeted: “Dear Lord,
Wherever my name is mentioned in the universe, let grace always speak for me oba alaanu🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
#YorubaNation #grace”



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